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The only speakeasy movie theater.


Elegant and serene. An oasis for anyone looking to have a cup of coffee, a well selected glass of wine or some high end tapas while reading a book, and yet a secret lays in plain sight behind one of the books...


Secret and promiscuous with an ominous king's fool as a host. The hit film and art junkies need. A stylish yet mysterious one screen intimate theater and stage with leather couches, old wooden coffee tables, well crafted cocktails and films to make you re-discover the seventh art itself.


Imitating the balance that is in all of us. The quiet and minimal cafe where education leads the way while through a dark hallway, in the back room, details will ignite our deepest desire - to create.


For the lucky few, a monthly membership that allows you to know Caché’s secrets. Invitations to screenings, film schedules, reservations, Jazz nights, venue rental options and more...


Caché will become known for it's high end selection in both film and company. A reputation in Hollywood worth having.

Long Term

After a year, once membership and regulars are set up along with the accuracy of the experience - Caché will become the favorite private screening locale of Hollywood's producers and filmmakers. The next step will be to create a yearly film festival  under the same name to allow the rest of the world to have a piece of this cinematic utopia.


Executive Summary

"Caché" is an exclusive speakeasy movie theater created by Kim Bonifay located in Los Angeles, the film capital of the world. We offer a unique and private movie-watching experience accompanied by a coffee/pastries bar during the day, which transforms into a wine and tapas bar in the evening. Our venue features a library wall with borrowable books and a hidden entrance through the film section of a book shelf. With an NYC-style ambiance, red velvet decor, a stage, and well-curated seating arrangements, "Caché" is an ideal destination for film connoisseurs, cineastes, and individuals working in the film industry.

Market Analysis

The market for speakeasy movie theaters in Los Angeles is currently underserved, presenting a significant opportunity for "Caché." Furthermore, there is a limited number of venues that offer a relaxed and elegant environment for reading books and enjoying coffee. By targeting film enthusiasts and professionals seeking a unique movie experience, we aim to fill this gap in the market and create a niche space.

Business Model and Revenue Streams

"Caché" generates revenue through multiple channels:

    1    Sales at the bar: Customers can enjoy coffee, pastries, wine, and tapas from our bar.

    2    Movie ticket sales: Customers pay for movie screenings, which initially feature public domain films.

    3    Membership sales: A membership option priced at $10 (for year one's founding members) per month provides benefits like advanced film schedules, seat reservations, and the ability to rent the space.

    4    Private rentals: Customers can rent the back room for private film screenings, subject to approval.

Marketing and Promotion

To create awareness and attract our target audience, we will implement the following marketing strategies:

    1    Exclusive filmmaker screenings: Hosting special screenings for filmmakers in the first month to create buzz and generate word-of-mouth.

    2    Sponsorship collaborations: Partnering with alcohol brands to sponsor events and screenings, thereby increasing visibility.

    3    Intriguing street advertisements: Placing posters with QR codes throughout Los Angeles to pique curiosity and drive traffic to our website.

    4    Collaborations with independent cinemas: Supporting other independent cinemas by offering visibility and promotion, fostering a sense of community.

    5    Influencer partnerships: Engaging with film-focused influencers to generate content about our unique movie-watching experience.

Operations and Facilities

"Caché" will be located at [address], which includes a front portion with a library wall full of borrowable books and a coffee/pastries bar. The hidden entrance through the library leads to a hallway adorned with old movie posters and film memorabilia. At the end of the hallway, customers will enter a cinema room featuring a stage, red velvet decor, and well-curated seating arrangements with old couches and coffee tables. The venue will provide an intimate and exclusive atmosphere.

Financial Projections

Based on our research and estimations, we project the following financials for "Caché":

    •    Startup costs: Approximately $2-3 million, including leasehold improvements, equipment, inventory, licensing, and marketing expenses.

    •    Revenue projections: Projected revenue will come from bar sales, ticket sales, membership fees, and private rentals.

    •    Operating expenses: Ongoing expenses include rent, utilities, salaries, inventory, and marketing costs.

    •    Profitability: We anticipate breaking even within [timeframe] and achieving profitability in the first year of operation.

Risk Analysis

While we believe in the potential success of "Caché" we acknowledge the

potential risks and challenges:

    1    Competition: There is a possibility of new competitors entering the market or existing theaters expanding their offerings. To mitigate this risk, we will focus on our unique selling proposition, exceptional customer experience, and curated film selection.

    2    Market acceptance: Introducing a speakeasy movie theater concept may require educating the target market about the benefits and allure of our experience. We will address this challenge through strategic marketing campaigns, collaborations, and word-of-mouth referrals.

    3    Regulatory compliance: Ensuring compliance with local regulations, licensing, and permits is crucial. We will work closely with legal advisors to navigate any legal requirements and maintain compliance.

    4    Financial sustainability: Managing cash flow, balancing expenses, and optimizing revenue streams are essential to ensure financial stability. Careful financial monitoring, cost control measures, and regular financial analysis will be implemented.

    5    Customer acquisition and retention: Attracting and retaining our target audience is key. We will continuously enhance the movie selection, tailor our offerings based on customer preferences, and provide personalized experiences to build a loyal customer base.

Implementation Timeline

    •    Month 1: Secure the location, finalize lease agreements, and commence renovation and design plans.

    •    Month 2-3: Hire key staff members, including a theater manager, baristas, and event coordinators.

    •    Month 4-5: Complete renovations, decorate the venue, and set up the library wall and bar area.

    •    Month 6: Launch exclusive filmmaker screenings, establish partnerships with alcohol brands, and initiate street advertising campaigns.

    •    Month 7-8: Begin regular movie screenings, host private events, and promote membership options.

    •    Month 9-12: Evaluate customer feedback, fine-tune operations, and expand marketing efforts to reach a broader audience. 

    •    Ongoing: Continuously monitor financial performance, adjust marketing strategies, and explore opportunities for growth and expansion.



    •    Floor plans and venue layout.

    •    Sample menus showcasing coffee, pastries, wine, tapas, and specialty cocktails.

    •    Partnerships agreements with alcohol brands and independent cinemas.

    •    Media coverage, including press releases and articles.

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