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Against the brutal backdrop of the American West, an unlikely family confronts their darkest fears. Unraveling the threads of loyalty, sacrifice, and redemption, 'Conestoga' is an intimate, violent road movie-like journey into the root of what is worth dying for.



In the 1860s, amidst the violence and uncertainty of the American West, the film "Conestoga" follows a French immigrant named Louis and his daughters Vic and Beth, along with their nanny Daisy, as they journey to the west coast in search of a better life. With the aid of a grumpy, seemingly racist, but ultimately kind-hearted old driver named Cliff, they set out from Pennsylvania, only to be attacked by a ruthless band of bandits led by Roy. Louis is killed, and the group must rely on their wits and each other to survive.


Throughout their dangerous journey, they meet both friend and foe, including Native Americans, cowboys, and former slaves, sparking conversations about racism and slavery. As the story unfolds, Cliff becomes a father figure to Vic and Beth, sacrificing his life to save Vic from the relentless pursuit of Roy and his bandits.


With its themes of sacrifice, the complex nature of people, and the harsh reality of the Western times, "Conestoga" explores the bonds forged through adversity and the enduring human spirit. The film culminates in a poignant climax as Vic, now alone, finds safety and hope in the hands of an unseen woman, symbolizing the persistence of kindness and hope amidst a violent and unforgiving world.

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