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*A Trilogy

Following the year of her divorce, Jenna decides to rediscover what life is truly about through food, travel, and pursuing her dreams. As a reward for following her heart, life has a few surprises in store for her with each season.

Think of the adventures and lessons in “Eat Pray Love” with the “Mamma Mia” love triangle.


Live in Spring

The Spark of Discovery


Set against the brisk, hopeful backdrop of spring, “Live” introduces us to Jenna, a vibrant woman recently awakened to the stark realization that her life is not the adventure she once dreamed it would be. Feeling lost after a series of personal and professional setbacks and her daughter heading off to college, Jenna seeks a fresh start and a new passion to invigorate her spirit. Enter Alex, a widowed single father and photography teacher, whose spontaneous and joyful approach to life and art inspires Jenna to explore the world through the lens of her camera. Alex, bound by the responsibilities of fatherhood, encourages Jenna to embark on the journey he cannot take. Their connection is deep and real, but the timing and obligations of life create a poignant barrier. As spring blooms, Jenna decides to venture into the summer with her newfound passion for photography, carrying memories of Alex and the promise of what could have been.


Laugh in Summer

A Summer of Serendipity


“Laugh” captures Jenna’s spirited journey through Europe during the vibrant, sun-soaked months of summer. Each photograph she takes weaves a story of freedom, discovery, and the joys of unexpected encounters. It’s in the Mediterranean, amidst the sea, that she meets Marco, a charming and passionate chef who lives to celebrate the pleasures of the moment. Marco’s dedication to his elderly mother and his deep roots remind Jenna of the complexities of love and duty. Their romance is a whirlwind of laughter, culinary delights, and sunsets that paint the sky, but it’s a love that cannot step beyond the borders of Marco’s beautiful, yet tethered life in Europe. Jenna leaves with a heart full of memories and a soul stirred by wanderlust, moving towards a future that is still unwritten.

Love in Winter

A Choice Under the Mistletoe


As winter’s magic envelops the world, “Love” finds Jenna back in her hometown, preparing for the grand opening of her photography at a gallery during Christmastime to see all her friends and family she hasn’t seen throughout this year of travel. The gallery is a mosaic of her journeys, a testament to the year of self-discovery and the people who shaped her path. Daniel, the gallery owner, enters her life, offering a steady hand and a kindred spirit. Daniel’s understanding of Jenna’s dreams and his unwavering support spark a different kind of love, one grounded in shared values and mutual respect. As the gallery opening draws near, Jenna is surprised by the arrival of Alex, Marco, and of course, Daniel, each offering a different vision of the future.


The grand opening is not just a celebration of Jenna’s art but a crossroads of the heart. Surrounded by the faces of her journey, Jenna reflects on her year of incredible growth and the loves that illuminated her path. In a moment of clarity, she chooses Daniel, drawn to the depth of their connection and the promise of a love that supports not just her dreams but also the dreams they can build together as a power couple. The final scene, under the soft glow of Christmas lights, is a tender affirmation of Jenna’s journey—a journey that taught her to love deeply, live fully, and choose not just with her heart, but with her soul.


Jenna -

Ashley Williams


Director -

Crystal Lowe


Creative Producer / Created by -  

Kim Bonifay

Screen Shot 2023-02-06 at 3.12.12 PM.png

Creative Producer / Created by -

Pascal Bonifay


Executive Producer - Philippe Palacios

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