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Madly, Truly.

A lonely man turns himself into a songwriter to profess his feelings to the love of his life on national TV. After becoming viral, his small romantic gesture will turn into the adventure of a lifetime...


David, a 24-year-old odd and endearing musician, appears with a clunky guitar and nerves in a low-quality film. Flashbacks reveal his past encounter with Elisa, who passionately opposes his musical pursuits. Determined to win her over, David practices English in front of the mirror and eventually creates a song that gains popularity. A video booth attracts various people, including activists, kids, and artists, who perform in front of the camera. David watches his own clip, hopeful for love's return. The clip gains traction, leading to interviews and praise for his simplistic and raw talent. However, as his fame rises, a cardboard cutout replaces him during an interview. Nicole, a woman from the television station, is promoted and captivated by David's story. Meanwhile, Elisa desperately tries to contact David but is met with indifference. The media's perception of David shifts, and an award ceremony reveals the true nature of his talent. The studio collapses, revealing that the interviewer was David all along. Nicole takes over the narrative, reframing David's story as a testament to the transformative power of love. The montage showcases people's reactions to David's music, and Nicole confesses her love for him in the end.





 What do we do when our dreams become reality?

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