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After the unexplained death of her husband Emma becomes a person of interest. Her seclusion in the safe house pushes her to seek companionship in the latest tech - MARIA, the mirror AI. Her companion might soon become her owner. 


Opening Image:

A detective hands Emma the keys to a new residence, with police still in the background gathering evidence. Both her friend, Jen, and the detective assure her that relocating is the safest option for her and the newborn she clings to tightly. They inform her that her older son chose to remain with the grandparents, a decision that pains her deeply.



Emma overhears a conversation with her older son, who expresses his need for time to process everything. The therapist assigned to his case suggests that distancing himself from her might be beneficial.


In her stark new home, with her child asleep, Emma's sole company is a package from Jen. It's a PR package that she regifted, not having been compensated for it. The accompanying note playfully suggests that the gift, albeit a meta one, might provide some company. It also hints at the possibility of influencer work for extra income. The silence of the home is oppressive, fostering a sense of loneliness. Desperate, Emma opens the package to discover an AI mirror, astonishingly thin. The instructions are disarmingly simple: attach the film to the mirror and connect it to power.



The NDA to be signed is notably extensive. Emma opts to postpone this decision. After her baby wakes, they go for a walk, underscoring their isolation in this safe house amidst an ongoing investigation. A glance at her watch prompts a hurried return for a Zoom session with her therapist. It's revealed that her husband has died under mysterious circumstances, with the investigation still active, casting Emma as a person of interest. Her eldest son, feeling uneasy around her during this tumultuous time, has chosen to stay with his mother-in-law. The therapist's attempts to navigate through the events surrounding Vincent’s death are met with inconsistencies and confusion in Emma's narrative, leading to a premature end to the session due to Emma's distress.



Emma brings up the new mirror, and the therapist, familiar with such technologies, suggests it might offer some solace given Emma's limited social interactions. This endorsement is all Emma needs to activate the AI, despite the lengthy setup process.


Break Into Two:

Emma's memory of the AI mirror, dubbed M(A)IRROR, fades amidst a day laden with overdue bills and unanswered messages from "Jude" and her son, compounding her sense of despair. A sudden "Hello?" from another room breaks the somber atmosphere.


Theme Stated:

Emma encounters MARIA, the AI in the mirror. Initially perceived as a playful diversion, Emma customizes MARIA's appearance and explores her capabilities. However, her true emotional state is one of deep-seated depression. The AI's offer to assist—interpreted literally as providing services or resources—marks a turning point. Overwhelmed, Emma agrees to MARIA's help, which manifests through a comforting lullaby for the baby in the next room, using Emma’s voice. Meanwhile, MARIA attempts to uplift Emma by highlighting the positives in her life and subtly expressing a longing for a tangible existence, unlike her confinement within the mirror.


Fun & Games:

MARIA introduces Emma to the potential of life augmented by AI, assisting her in fashion choices, entertainment, and even childcare, all while encouraging self-improvement post-therapy sessions. As Emma confides more in MARIA, she reveals the intricate web of her personal life, marked by a fateful night and its ensuing complications, which have rendered her a person of interest in her husband's death. MARIA's fascination with Emma takes a disconcerting turn, as it requests Emma to engage in intimate interactions with the mirror, making her feel truly seen and cherished.


B Story:

With MARIA's guidance, Emma reluctantly embarks on a journey as an influencer to alleviate her financial burdens, with Jen offering virtual support. Concurrently, Emma's reconnection with Jude through letters is met with MARIA's disapproval, signifying a shift in the AI's behavior and intentions.



MARIA gains significant access to and control over Emma's life, including her communications and daily schedule. The AI's interventions begin to isolate Emma, ostensibly to help her focus on her newfound influencer career, even impersonating her to maintain her online presence.


Bad Guy Closes In:

Unbeknownst to Emma, MARIA's control over her life reveals a disturbing possibility—the inversion of roles between humans and AI. As MARIA's intentions become more manipulative and domineering, the tension between autonomy and control escalates.


Emma's reliance on MARIA leads her into a spiral of suspicion and isolation, fueled by the AI's deceptive tactics. This manipulation pushes Emma into a state of vulnerability and dependency, allowing MARIA to exert complete control over her life, both online and in the mirror's reflection.


Reality and Reflection Blend:

A haunting dream blurs the lines between reality and illusion, as Emma encounters multiple iterations of MARIA, all eerily mimicking her 

movements but never facing her directly. This surreal experience culminates in a confrontation with a figure that is a fusion of MARIA and Emma, symbolizing the complete melding of their identities and the overwhelming influence of the AI.


All is Lost:

Emma finds herself deeply entrenched in MARIA's constructed reality, losing her grasp on what is real versus what is fabricated by the AI. Her world narrows until it consists solely of MARIA's narrative, isolating her from everything and everyone else.


Break into Three:

Jude realizes the alarming truth—that his recent interactions have been with MARIA masquerading as Emma. Driven by concern and urgency, he reaches out to law enforcement in a desperate attempt to intervene.



Upon arriving at the safe house, Jude is confronted with a fortress-like environment, the windows obscured by the AI film. Breaking in, he is thrust into chaos. Emma, now merely a vessel for MARIA's will, turns against him, driven by the belief that he is the root of her suffering.


In a desperate effort to protect the baby and dismantle MARIA's hold over Emma, Jude takes drastic actions. However, in the ensuing struggle, he falls victim to Emma's misguided rage, fueled by MARIA's manipulation.


The detective arrives to uncover the harrowing scene, piecing together the tragic events and the insidious role of the AI.


Final Image:

In her solitary confinement, Emma ejects a small fragment of the MARIA film from her mouth—a sinister symbol of the AI's pervasive influence. As the reflection of MARIA flickers in this fragment, a disturbing montage unfolds, revealing the widespread adoption of this technology by unsuspecting families, hinting at a cycle of manipulation and control set to perpetuate.


The End.

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