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Narrative Bonds

About us

Welcome to Narrative Bonds, where the power of storytelling transcends generations. We believe that every life is a tapestry of experiences waiting to be shared. Our non-profit organization bridges the gap between aspiring writers and the wisdom of our cherished elders. Through our unique program, students with a passion for the written word are paired with residents of retirement homes, creating an enriching exchange that weaves together past and present.


As a student, you'll embark on a journey to listen and honor the life stories of these remarkable individuals. With open hearts and attentive ears, you'll give them the space to share their cherished memories, dreams, and adventures. In return, you're granted the privilege of drawing inspiration from these narratives, incorporating fragments of their lives into your own creative works, whether it be crafting novels, articles, or scriptwriting.


At the end of your semester, your gratitude and creativity culminate in a heartfelt gift—a small book that encapsulates the life story of your elderly companion. This cherished memoir becomes a timeless keepsake, a window into their rich history, and a precious legacy to share with their loved ones.


Join us on this beautiful journey of connection and collaboration, where the written word becomes a vessel of empathy and understanding. Together, we honor the voices of the past, celebrate the creative expressions of the present, and foster enduring relationships that transcend generations. Embrace the power of storytelling, as we bridge the gap between generations and cultivate a tapestry of shared experiences.

Our Story

At Akimbo Creation, the power of storytelling runs through our veins. Founded by Pascal and Kim, a father-daughter duo, our production company has always had a deep passion for the arts and a desire to give back to the creative community. As we embarked on a journey to find meaningful ways to connect artists and writers, we discovered a profound love for the stories shared by our loved ones and the incredible bonds that form through the act of storytelling. Inspired by this, we set out to create a non-profit organization that could bridge the gap between generations, fostering connections and preserving the invaluable narratives of our elders.


At Narrative Bonds, we've designed a simple yet meaningful process that allows schools and retirement homes to join hands and create transformative connections. Schools and retirement homes can easily sign up on our website, providing a list of willing participants who understand the power of shared storytelling. Elderly individuals generously offer their life experiences, knowing that students will weave aspects of their stories into their own artistic endeavors. Meanwhile, students embrace the responsibility of listening and honoring these narratives, recognizing the value of preserving and sharing the wisdom of their elderly partners. Over the course of a semester, each student is paired with a new 'buddy,' forging fresh connections and enriching their understanding of the world. As a culmination of this beautiful journey, students craft a small book—a heartfelt memoir—that captures the essence of their elder's life. This personalized gift is then presented to the elderly participant, serving as a testament to their shared bond and a treasured keepsake to share with their family and loved ones.

Find your match.

If you are a school or retirement home sign-up with us and provide a list of individuals willing to join.


After making sure you are the right fit, you'll be paired for four months with your buddy.


During that time you'll be able to learn about each other and make amazing connections!

Meet The Team

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If you are a school or a retirement home and would like to join this program - email us!

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