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The PENUMBRA-VERSE emerges as a profound and transformative new franchise, destined to reshape the very fabric of the cinematic landscape. It delves into the deepest realms of filmmaking, harnessing its boundless potential to craft an unparalleled experience. What sets the PENUMBRA-VERSE apart lies in its distinct characteristics:

- Unlike conventional narratives centered around individuals, the focus lies on a visionary company, paving the way for a myriad of diverse and captivating stories.


- An expansive timeline that unfolds from the dawn of 1890 to the distant horizon of 3000, creating a vast canvas of storytelling possibilities, unbounded by temporal constraints.


- A pioneering venture that transcends the conventional boundaries of human existence, becoming the first franchise to traverse the entire timeline of humanity, a true marvel of storytelling.


- Nestled within this enigmatic universe lies a mesmerizing multi-genre anthology, a wondrous tapestry of narratives with limitless potential, each thread weaving a unique and captivating tale.

Our long term goal is to open up the gates. Once the initial films have been released and the rules of the open-sourced universe have been set and established, anyone on this planet will be able to come up with a story that fits in the universe. If vetted by the fans and the team, the story will be endorsed and officially stamped as part of the PENUMBRA universe

Thinking ahead. With AI changing the game we believe this strategy is the best way to find financial and IP stability while still giving a platform for the artists and storytellers of tomorrow.


  • (1897) “Piano Forte” Period Piece — The possibility of DI_OS.  (Prestige x Sherlock Holmes) 

  • (2025) “City of Lights” Sci-fi Romance — The positives of DI_OS. (Midnight In Paris x Her) 

  • (2050) “All of You” Sci-fi Horror — The negatives of DI_OS. (Black Mirror)

  • (2080) “Apparatus” Sci-fi Drama —  The victory of DI_OS

  • (2097) “Hypnosgate” sci-fi documentary — The dark reality of DI_OS. (District 9)

  • (2121) “In Penumbra - Alpha” Sci-fi Epic — The accomplishments of DI_OS.

  • (2360) “In Penumbra - Omega” Sci-fi Epic — The failure of DI_OS. (Dune) 


  • (3000) “XHiSo” Sci-fi Alien — The end of DI_OS. (Interstellar x Space Odessey)



Philip Gottlieb ("beloved by God" in German) was born in 1997 from a very wealthy family. The origin of their fortune was opaque and most likely coming from WWII. Reliable sources exposed that Philip’s grand father Gerhardt, was the industrial providing the nazis with high tech guidance system integrated in their famous V-2 (Vergeltungswaffe 2) rocket. At that time, the company was named GG Industries. Gerhardt always denied this collaboration arguing that their jewish origin would have disqualified them, but it’s been proven that Hitler (and the Nazi party originally financed by jewish wealth), would close his eyes on jewish origins when it would help him achieve his master plan. Hitler’s personal driver Emil Maurice had jewish origins and Hitler himself had to stop his right arm Himmler when he wanted to exclude Maurice from the SS.

Arrived in the US with a substantial personal wealth, Gerhardt collaborated with the US army via his new company named Gottlieb & Co and redeemed that way his right for forgiveness. In the 80s, Philip’s father Gerard, extended their market to a wider customer base by selling GPS devices. Gerard also quickly jumped on the app rush and created one of the first GPS/map system released on smart devices. 

In 1997, Gerard and his wife Nicole had their unique child Philip during a very prosperous moment of Gottlieb & Co. The family wealth had increased tremendously and securing the position of the company was essential, this is why Gerard was one of the Republican Party’s biggest contributors over the years. As a matter of fact, Gottlieb & Co became a global mega corp in the 2000’s and was selling way more than maps and GPS to the public and was leader in military drones used by the US Army. Gerard was diagnosed a pancreatic cancer in 2016 and his health made him resign from his CEO position right after 2020’s pandemic.

When Philip took over Gottlieb & Co’s head in 2020, he was ready to rebrand the company and expend their reach. In only 5 years, through a complete rethought branding strategy, Gottlieb & Co became DI_OS (Digital Individual Operating System), playing with the meaning of their original name. The brand was considered as the worldwide leader in new tech and as the most advanced in terms of future tech.

In 2029, at age 31, during a tennis game Philip started to feel something funny in his arm. He suddenly lost control of his racket and finished the game loosing 0-6 after a first set won 6-2. This feeling came back again and again, so he decided to see a doctor who diagnose Multiple Scheloris (a parent to ALS disease). This news impacted him strongly and made him decide to get his life to a faster tempo. He married Erin and had a daughter within 2 years, but more importantly, he invested most of DI_OS R&D money into virtual reality. His knew his body would rapidly become useless and his only way to run or even walk will be by leaving his body and experiencing a VR life. After few years, this became a real obsession. DI_OS secretly partnered with the Republicans through different programs that were experimental ways to influence the opinion via VR. Philip thought the result of these tests would bring even more data to his company and help them build the perfect VR world he was dreaming for himself.


After his death, his daughter pursued his mission and created the RIPP.

The daughter of his daughter realized the extreme urgency of the climate change and was the one partnering with green Earth and using their tech to make the RIPP being a solution for the planet

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