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Nate’s the promoter of a puzzling club with a secret at its core. Sex, drugs, and alcohol were his ticket in, but his choices won’t let him out. 

You didn't think they'd let it slide - did you?


For Nate, being chosen holds a great deal of significance. It represents validation, an affirmation of his value and uniqueness. Fueled by this sense of self-importance, he carries himself with a regal air, certain of his entitlement to the finer things in life. However, his perception of what it means to be chosen is forever altered after a traumatic experience at the enigmatic club, "The Maze."


At "The Maze," the labyrinthine halls and rooms are ruled by masked employees, lending an air of mystery and unease to the already notorious establishment. Unfortunately for Nate, he will find himself on the wrong side of this mysterious force, his sense of self-worth shattered in the aftermath of perceived sexual and physical abuse.


Nate will come to grasp that the dire trial he faces will simply reflect the repercussions of his prior conduct. A group of young women reached their breaking point and took a stand, unifying to deliver a clear message to perpetrators by utilizing virtual reality, drugs, and hypnosis to manipulate their perceptions.


Through the story of TERMOPRO we are reminded that every story has two sides, and that it is all too easy to overlook the experiences of victims in the shadows. Our goal is to not only shed light on the atrocities that occur behind closed doors of establishments, but to also provide tangible solutions for both the short and long-term healing and recovery of those affected as well as the perpetrators. It is our hope that by bringing these issues to the forefront, we can help to bring about meaningful change and safety for those who have suffered.


This project holds significance for all those involved in its creation. It serves as a testament to our collective stories and unfulfilled desires for justice. For the audience to fully grasp its impact, the visual aspect must align seamlessly with the script. A harmonious interplay between both elements is imperative to effectively convey the intended message. Our script features a recurring code that holds a deeper significance and is symbolized by the color purple (#7219a7), thus the predominant color palette will be a combination of neon purple, red, and black.


Each chamber in the labyrinthine maze will depict the abuse inflicted upon the victim through its unique design. Nate will be depicted as a VIP, hypnotized and elevated above the city on a rooftop, surrounded by masks, a throne, and glittering disco balls. Dylan will be housed in a room filled with mirrors and demonic dancers, while Vinny will be in a space that gradually fills with water and sirens. Thanks to the tech the scenes in each room will feel immersive (great for marketing purposes as well)


The camera movement will reflect the two sides of the story. The film's initial sequence will have a spacious and liberating feel from the men's perspective, however, as the stories of the women are unveiled, the shots will become tighter to convey a sense of constraint and claustrophobia.


This mind-bending psychological thriller will be structured like a puzzle, where the club is initially portrayed as the villain. The goal is to empower and expose, not just to showcase the problem, but to enable the audience to feel as though they are part of the solution.


The film will incorporate a combination of real-life drugs, technology, and hypnosis techniques to demonstrate the "tortures". Ultimately, the objective is to educate and raise awareness among the audience, providing them with the necessary tools to recognize and help prevent such situations in the future.

(Promising Young Woman + The Game)

We are past the point where sexual and physical abuse should be kept quiet. And yet it is still happening. This story needs to be told because it is the next step. Many stories in film have touched upon the subject but we have not seen any that clearly state what could be done today and tomorrow to fight against it. We are the team to give you those answers. With partners like Sabrina Lassegue who is not only a filmmaker but also an advocate and philanthropist for sexual abuse and child trafficking we have access to "real" change possibilities. We are getting in contact with organizations who can offer the solutions we speak of in the film in REAL LIFE. This film will have a life outside our theaters and TVs. It will live on as a hope and most importantly, a change. Film is so powerful, we are just trying to use it to its full extent. Moreover, we talk about the root of the problem to not only giver "post" trauma help but to try and stop it all together. We believe education and therapy/communication at a young age is where it starts. Talking to young adults about these topics, knowing what to look out for but also lessen the taboo around therapy for men and young boys as many abusers become so because of their own trauma and lack of education on the matter.


Help us spread these solutions to create a better tomorrow for everyone.

Liquid Bubbles


In light of the recent technological advancements, we envision partnerships with different brands who look to tech as a solution for safety. Bracelets that let your friends know when you are lost or in danger, a device that lets you scan your drink at a molecular level in order to ensure safety from roofies and other drugs... This film wants to do more than promote random brands - we want to help advertise the products that will help tomorrow's generation be safer.


We want to utilize the power of film and maximize it to its full potential. With this film in particular we would like to try and incorporate real change along with the movie's release.

Here are two of paths we could take in the hopes to start the conversations that will lead us to a safer future -


As outlined in our script, we aim to establish a certification program for establishments to be recognized as "safe spots". This certification would require the establishment and its staff to undergo annual training on recognizing perpetrators and accessing safety tools, such as providing free cup covers and color changing nail polish to deter roofies and other drugs, as well as a dedicated phone number to contact security guards on site who are equipped to assist and escort individuals in need of help to safety. We would name this the "Purple Certificate" in honor of the film and the color code it uses (#7219a7).


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You are chosen.
Is it a blessing or a curse?

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