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In the idyllic Normandy countryside, a compassionate doctor and his eclectic family turn a vast inherited estate into a thriving zoo, only to have their bonds tested by the harsh realities of war, love, and sacrifice.


In the picturesque countryside of Normandy, Dr. Célestin de Chateaudouble, a passionate animal lover, inherits a fortune and a vast estate filled with various buildings. With the help of his adopted daughter Manon and talented artist Buggy, he decides to create a unique zoo on the property. Their peaceful life is filled with delightful encounters, including the arrival of Anna, who breathes new life into the group. However, the high costs of maintaining the zoo force Célestin to work harder as a doctor and Buggy to sell some of his artwork.


As World War I breaks out in 1914, Célestin feels compelled to serve as a military doctor, leaving his cherished zoo behind. After what feels like an eternity, news reaches Manon, Buggy, and Anna that Célestin has gone missing in action. Determined to find him, Anna journeys to the frontlines and discovers Célestin's lifeless body holding a letter. Returning to the zoo, she shares the devastating news and Célestin's emotional letter with Manon and Buggy.


Unable to cope with the tragedy, Manon and Buggy decide to immigrate to Africa, where they hope to find harmony with wild animals. Anna, whose soul has been healed by her time at the zoo, remains to keep the spirit of Célestin's vision alive.



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