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Can we sculpt the future?


We are a talent-led production company led by a father daughter duo along with an army of creatives we call anartists. We pride ourselves in the stories we tell and how they can shape our tomorrow. We believe that everything we create has the power to inspire and raise consciousness.


Our goal is to expand our Akimbo family with like-minded individuals who believe in our mission to revitalize the entertainment industry. We strive to do so by employing any new technology introduced while grounding ourselves in old philosophies, science and art that that paved the road we walk upon today.


As we work on this goal it is paramount for us to take care of our artists, Protecting their integrity and creativity while satisfying all the needs of the industry. We are the bridge. The world is ever changing, the only way to remain an active participant is to change along with it. Staying still will only lead to an uprooting when the strong winds of change arrive.


We bend and do not break. We are malleable.

Welcome to Akimbo Creation, 

Let's sculpt the future together.


Meet The Team

Kim Bonifay,


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Kim is a multi-talented individual who possesses a wealth of skills as a French producer, actress, writer, and director. With a background steeped in international experiences, having grown up in France, New York City, and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, she has now made her home in Los Angeles.

Kim's education has been far-ranging, encompassing various schools and studios, including Pace University in New York where she pursued a major in acting for Film, TV, Voice-overs and Commercials, and Les Cours Florent in Paris.


Her talent and hard work have earned her recognition, as evidenced by her nomination for the Best Short Director award for her project "The Bathtub" at the LA Independent Women Film Awards in 2023. Driven by a desire to make a positive impact on the world through her art, Kim aspires to create stories that educate, provoke change, and inspire audiences.

Pascal Bonifay,


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Pascal is a highly-skilled and multi-talented artist, whose work as a producer and composer of music and sound design has earned him numerous accolades over the course of his illustrious 20-year career in the film and music industries. With a background in classical music, Pascal has honed his craft to become one of the most sought-after talents in his field.


His passion for music and sound, combined with his exceptional technical abilities and creative vision, has made him a leader in the industry, consistently delivering stunning and innovative compositions that elevate the work of filmmakers and music artists alike. Whether crafting intricate soundscapes for films, or producing lush, emotive soundtracks for games and other media, Pascal's artistry is unmatched, and his contributions to the world of sound are truly remarkable.


Jeffy Can,


Jeffy Can is a Los Angeles based filmmaker - primarily spending his time behind the camera as a DP. He's shot large budget television shows that premiered on Netflix to Disney to History - but at the core, independent filmmaking is the never ending pursuit for Jeffy. 


Brooke Gardner,


Brooke Gardner is an actress and producer, born and raised in New York. She is a 2019 Pace University graduate with a BFA in Acting for Film, TV, Voiceovers and Commercials. She has trained at Sheila Grey’s studio exploring sensory skills and improv, and enjoys assisting fellow creatives behind the scenes.


Elijah N’Kai,


Elijah N’Kai is a marketing strategist, sound designer, and visual artist of multiple mediums, based on the East Coast of the U.S. He has almost a decade of experience working as a freelance artist and consultant with non-profits, businesses, start-ups, filmmakers, and musicians.


Aaron J. Thomas,


Born and raised in Ohio, Aaron is now a writer based out of Los Angeles. His life-long passion for storytelling has led him to collaborate with artists from around the world on short films, sketch comedy, television, and feature screenplays.


Sabrina Lassegue,


Sabrina Lasseque is a 21 year old writer, director, producer, actress, pageant girl andphilanthropist

located in Los Angeles and bi-coastal to NYC.  She is best known for her award winning film "Along Came Sundae"(set to hit Amazon later this year) and is currently developing a tv show with Buzzfeed. She has worked with organizations like Rise Now, Thorn, RAINN and has her own rising non profit. She has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Buzzfeed, The Independent, The Hollywood Times, and more.




Composed of five wonderful young french rappers, KAME House tries to do something new with rap. Broaden its horizon and show it welcomes anyone from anywhere.


Victor Verbitsky,


Victor Verbitsky is a writer, editor, producer, actor and television host. Yes he does it all. Over 10+ years working in the industry, he had his start hosting kids television networks in Canada, that led to writing, directing, ands more. Victor now works on independent projects, music videos, and branded content with clients around the world. 

Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 6.17.58 PM.png

Alexea Malaletkin,


Los Angeles-based screenwriter, Alexea, is a welcome addition to the industry, bringing a wealth of ingenuity to every project she embraces. Her studies at UCLA honed an indelible talent, enabling her to merge complex themes with captivating characters in a manner that is wholly her own.


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