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Can we sculpt the future?


We are a talent-led multimedia production company created by Kim and Pascal Bonifay (a father daughter duo) along with an army of creatives we call anartists. We pride ourselves in the stories we tell and how they can shape our tomorrow. We believe that everything we create has the power to inspire and raise consciousness.


Our goal is to expand our Akimbo family with like-minded individuals who believe in our mission to revitalize the entertainment industry. We strive to do so by employing any new technology introduced while grounding ourselves in old philosophies, science and art that that paved the road we walk upon today.


As we work on this goal it is paramount for us to take care of our artists, Protecting their integrity and creativity while satisfying all the needs of the industry. We are the bridge. The world is ever changing, the only way to remain an active participant is to change along with it. Staying still will only lead to an uprooting when the strong winds of change arrive.


We bend and do not break. We are malleable.

Welcome to Akimbo Creation, Let's sculpt the future together.


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